US Primary Election Coverage

An article I wrote for The National Student trying to simplify the unnecessarily complicated US presidential election process.

It’s all over the news the ‘Iowa Caucus’, the first event in the USA’s election process. For us over the big pond in the UK it can all get a little confusing.

Americans like to see themselves as “leaders of the free world” and they expect all of us loyal subjects to be interested and well versed in their politics. I highly doubt the average American knows who David Cameron is, let alone our scruffy opposition granddad Jeremy Corbyn.

But we shouldn’t benchmark ourselves on the average American, we can surely do better. So being the lovely human that I am, I have decide to unfold my brain then try to wrap it around the whole befuddling game of caucuses, primaries, delegates, super-delegates and national conventions. You’re probably wondering what any of those words mean

Read the rest of the article here


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